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Brisc, The Best Magnetic Chucks

Soph, renowned for its extensive range of magnetic chucks, provides unparalleled solutions for workholding, mold/die clamping, and material handling. Established in 1998, the company has grown significantly over the years. Soph is the proud owner of the trademarks and businesses of BRISC, Magbo, and HELMHOLTZ, each specializing in distinct areas: BRISC for workholding, Magbo for mold/die clamping, and HELMHOLTZ for advanced material handling. Initially founded in Hamburg, Germany, Soph's journey of expansion and innovation has led to the establishment of branches in the USA and China. This global presence underlines its commitment to offering state-of-the-art magnetic technology and customer service to a diverse and growing international clientele.

With creative problem solving and application specific solutions, Soph is considered to be one of the finest sources for magnetic solutions available. We are dedicated to provide the best product with the best performance to match each application. By adapting with the help of customer input, we are able to provide tailor made solutions using standardized products to create unmatched value in substantially shorter market cycles.

Recognized as the “BRISC” brand, Soph manufactures all kinds of magnetic workholding chucks including permanent magnetic chucks that maintain a constant field, electromagnetic chucks that can be powered on and off when not in use, and hybrid electro-permanent magnetic chucks that use features from both options. These chucks are designed for use in many applications like grinding, milling, turning, EDM, WEDM, etc. Our goal is to apply our experience and technology into the field of magnetics to provide our customers with the best magnetic solutions available in industry.

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